August 20, 2015

Hello friends folks and fellow agrarians! Wish I had the time for many things, like rereading Raoul Robinson's Return to Resistance again and I day dream sometimes about finding a well matched small draft team for work and companionship and go bio-extensive like the Nordell's or one day sailing a day ahead of a biodiesel barge, low in the water with our week's hard work: pyramids of melons, towers of roots greens and salad. Sailing ahead with fliers distributed to villages, resorts, boaters, along the way. (first I learn to sail) But what I do have time for today: hitch up the tiller and work down the unruly remains of beet and salad beds in preparation for fall rye. pick for a market and CSA seed more salad supervise a lovely happy volunteer crew Read this familiar funny old blog and decide to write a little blurb And go "up and up" with Buddy Macteeth where the creek still flows cold and sweet, a sacred vein in a brittle forest And cook up a rib roast with garlic and rosemary and a half pound of chive and basil balsamic and pepper, with 3 colour spuds in butter and a mountain of buttery green chard, but no time for damson plum pudding with cornmeal cakes. Sorry I have to go!

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