March 18, 2009

Trace food bullies act

The Obama administration is gearing up to push through its exports that have been repuidated for health concerns regarding GMOs and hormones in meat. To date many countries including Europe have successfully blocked these through WTO mechanisms" around SPS (sanitary and phytosanitary)
The the USTR's office would use every tool "from diplomacy to the dispute resolution process" to get the EU to accept shipments of genetically modified corn,
Obama`s man Ron Kirk says
"We are developing additional expertise and directing resources at addressing non-tariff barriers to trade like this one," Kirk said, referring to the EU ban on GMO crops.
Something strange indeed when food safety has been routinely overlooked and problems surpressed, to expediate trade and foreign policy goals and meanwhile, back on the ranch, who can say our food is safe; the bullies who influence regulation don`t want us to know. There is a revolving door between the corporate world and government guarentees their motivations are heard and the wheels greased to achieve them. Regulations are to preserve hegemoney and monopoly, not to protect the people.

But what about the science. Real science that pursues unbiased penetrating questions. What about the increasing peer reviewed science indicating the sanitary and phytosanitary concerns of Europe and other countries are valid concerns.
Where is the pressure and outrage. I wonder.

I think we need new governance rules on publicly owned companies. Let the shareholders appoint the board of directors, its their company. Monsanto, BMO, Shell...all of them.

We have to be ruthless with the captains of the GMO industry who have manipulated the world`s economy for their own greed and continuity. Food sovereignty should be our first concern - if it was, we`d spot the laws and corruptions that aim to interfere with that before they came close.

So I propose a new Bill. Not the Trace Contamination Everywhere Act
but the Trace Every Monsanto Contamination Act. Every little bit of corruption from top UN and congress offices to neckless suits in Azerbajain backrooms.
Root it out. Perhaps a way to do this is take a cue from the people , who are now seeing the idiocy of corporate governanance - having huge powerful corporations using our money and run by a handful of corrupt and greedy elitists. Let the shareholders run the companies.

And in related transgenic pusher news:

A new law for ecologically clean farming in Azerbaijan includes "permission on turnover of products with content of gene-modified organisms (GMOs)" under pressure from a Monsanto influenced WTO. Here

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