January 28, 2009

Listen to Africa and the UN, Bill Gates...and me (you'll remember!)

Why would Bill Gates reach into his deep pockets, increase by billions his philanthropy to Africa's growing food crisis, without consulting The United Nations, who with extensive teams of agricultural experts, and in particular, Africans, determined that small scale participatory organic farming is the best option to ensure a secure food future for Africa. Gates perpetuates the North American "Green Revolution" style farming with "new seeds" and imported fertilizer, ad gaggium. See the U.N. report in this PDF.

And a small side note. I have some claim to fame with Mr. Gates. I farmed in the Shuswap region of BC, years ago, and our farm was along side the CPR tracks at the top of a hill. One could hear the trains coming along way off. That day I was picking corn with a comrade and not hearing a train, I took the liberty to have a tinkle in the young shelter belt alongside the track. Out of nowhere came a three car train: engine, fancy passenger car and caboose. It passed by with my business mooning the track and my hand up to wave at the face in the window of the middle car. It was the image of Bill Gates, as the paper confirmed the next day.


Isabelle said...

Very likely the first and last time that Bill Gates saw a literal "harvest moon!"

Ruralrose said...

There is a complete hardcover book oozing to be written here, what juicy drips will thrill us next, peace

Bishops Homegrown said...

Gates is everything and nothing at all. Ties to Rockerfeller, Rothschild, Ford Foundation, Monsanto, Syngenta, and Svalbard, prove his intentions. I am glad that you and I have found one another via the net, we have a lot in common. Keep fighting for what is right my friend. And if you see Gates again, moon him once more my friend.